What is an IDX Website?

IDX websites are websites linked to the MLS to display listings by way of an Internet Data Exchange. They are specially designed to help capture leads by using the latest in lead magnet technology.

Why its important in today’s Real Estate market.

Real Estate agents with an IDX website can 10x their leads by collecting data and retargeting clients back to your website. Clients are more likely to come back to see the property that has been saved on your site.


IDX Websites allow you to have your own personal brand, so your audience knows who you are. It keeps you connected and allows you to monitor what your perspective clients are interested in and keep them coming back.

More Info

These sites are Highly optimized for mobile and desktop compatibility

  • Built to convert leads
  • Keeps clients coming back
  • SEO optimized
  • Fast to load
  • Property Valuation tool
  • Speed to lead with automated follow up
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